Flirting with Space

Flirting with Space: Journeys and Creativity

David Crouch, University of Derby, UK                      Ashgate

’A phenomenal and sensational work, Flirting with Space speaks of David Crouch’s intense and passionate interest in how it feels to feel. His spatial theories on life as it’s lived are spry and vital, asserting the generative and creative power held by people, trusting in the ordinariness of emotion and common experience, and seeking out practices of humane value.’ – Hayden Lorimer, University of Glasgow, UK

‘Crouch invites his readers on a journey that meanders through the workings of myriad artists, sojourners, and theorists, evoking resonances between seemingly unrelated pathways of intellectual and emotional discovery. Flirting with Space is a work of enchanting potential, written from the unique perspective of a mature artist and distinguished scholar.’ – Sally Ness, University of California Riverside, USA

The idea of ‘flirting’ with space is central to this book. Space is conceptualized as being in constant flux as we make our way through contexts in our daily lives, considered in relation to encounters with complexities and flows of materiality. Through considerations of dynamic processes of contemporary life-spaces, the book engages the inter-relations of space and journeys, and how creativity happens in those inter-relations. Unravelled through wide-ranging investigations, this book builds new critical syntheses of the intertwining of space and life: the mundane and exotic, ‘lay’

and ‘artistic’. The book creates a fascinating and original view of our interaction with space.

Contents: Prologue; Flirting with space; Everyday abstraction: geographical knowledge in the art of Peter Lanyon; Spacing, performing and becoming: tangles in the mundane; The play of spacetime; Expressive encounters; Landscape and the poetics of flirting (with) space; Some conclusions; Bibliography; Index.

Includes 4 colour illustrations

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